Protecting Your Legal Rights

Buddy ClarkCriminal Defense Lawyer, Family Law Attorney ◦ Westminster, California

The Law Offices of Buddy Clark handles all aspects of criminal law and family law in California. Attorney Buddy Clark’s in-depth knowledge of local, state and federal courts helps him advocate smartly on behalf of people in need of divorce, child custody dispute resolution, misdemeanor defense and felony defense.

To schedule an initial consultation regarding your criminal or family law issue in Southern California, contact the law firm.

Protect Your Legal Rights

Whether in family law, criminal law or other areas of the law, clients of the Law Offices of Buddy Clark are reassured their legal rights will be protected. Clients of the law firm know they can contact their lawyer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as important developments and concerns arise.

Flat-Fee Attorney Advocacy in Family Law . . .

Family law clients come most often to the Law Offices of Buddy Clark after they have exhausted the possibility of reasonable negotiations. They need a lawyer who will provide aggressive representation as they seek to protect assets and child custody rights to the fullest extent allowable by law.

. . . and Criminal Law

When a client is charged with a criminal offense such as DUI, drug possession, or any felony or misdemeanor, Buddy Clark acts swiftly and adeptly as he fervently advocates in support of the most favorable disposition attainable on behalf of defendants in criminal cases.

Civil Litigation; Landlord / Tenant

Attorney Clark’s rich professional background, including experience as a real estate broker and a director of commercial leasing agents, helps make him an ideal attorney to handle a wide range of general civil litigation matters and landlord/tenant disputes. Contact us to schedule a consultation.